Kim is a resident of Griffith New South Wales along with her husband and four boy's, and in 2016 Kim was approached by another local artist to do some singing together. Together they did a Gig in Whitton, a small county town near Griffith to help raise money for the local museum, and this is where Kim had her first public appearance. The crowd liked what they heard and Kim was encouraged to keep singing, so after being introduced to Roy Calabria a local musician who also has a recording studio, it was decided that Kim would record an album and give being a professional artist a go. This would mean taking a huge leap of faith and investing in equipment and in recording the album. It was decided that not only was the album to be of the best quality but it had to give the buyer value for money, so Kim recorded 18 tracks with 4 being originals and the finished CD is one that Kim and Roy are very proud off.


The CD, entitled “From The Heart” had it's official release on the 16th of June 2017 at the Griffith leagues club in the form of a dinner dance and a local charity was involved as well, a fantastic donation was given to Country Hope, a charity that helps families with very sick kid's, something that Kim is very passionate about. The album's title “From The Heart” was chosen because Kim's own compositions were written and are sung from the heart along with some cover's like” Blue Eye's Crying in The Rain” and probably the most significant song to Kim “The Rose”. “Our Sunshine” was written by Kim for Peter, Kim's husband after the death of his sister, it is a song that most people relate to and love to listen to.  “Cold Lies” she wrote because most people have that certain someone in their life that lies about everything and everyone as this person loves to get their own way no matter what.  “You and Me” was written for Kim's best friend Joey.  They met when Kim lost her daughter to SIDS and in the same year, Joey lost her son to SIDS.  Kim believes that these two little angels brought herself and Joey together and they have been the best of friends ever since.  “No matter what” is for all of us that have had a break-up.



Roy and Peter performing together

Together Kim and Peter enjoy the music, being in the recording studio, hauling the equipment around to the different venue's and entertaining people, and hope to see you somewhere in the near future.

A special mention has to made, and a thank you, to Roy Calabria. Roy not only wrote the music for the originals on the album he is responsible for all the music on the album and has spent hour's and hour's getting everything just right, he is beyond reproach when it comes to his integrity, devotion to his family and his dedication to his clients, recording an album take's time but it is time that is well worth while, and Roy is not afraid to spend the time to produce an unbelievable result.

A thank you to another local artist, who sang with Kim on track number 12 “ No Matter What” a well known and respected artist who has given his time on numerous occasions including the night of CD release, Mr Peter Smith.